There are many great days in a life, and a few will be remembered forever. The day a child is born, or the day you graduated from college. And, of course, your wedding day. Many dedicated people, amazing, talented vendors will make that day so very special. Your wedding photos will sit by your bed and always have a special place in your living room. And your wedding film will take you back to that day, the sounds, the voices, the laughs, forever.


Hey, I’m Xenia, proud owner and creator of Without End Films. I have been working almost exclusively on films for the past ten years. I created this company with one thing in mind : love stories. The real ones. The ones that a hopeful ear will take comfort in when life is not so great. The ones that start with two people meeting somewhere in the world, then a bunch of awesome stuff happens until the moment the two of them decide that they can’t imagine life without one another and gather all their friends and families to become one.

I believe in eternal love, and that’s why I chose to film weddings. When editing, I imagine the amazing couples I’ve worked with will watch this video years and years later, and I feel like I have the best job in the world.